Flight Attendant Rules: 20 Rules Flight Attendants Must Follow

This is great, but, for some partners, it can place a strain on the relationship, and make them feel a little left out of a considerable section of your life. Even smaller details, such as failing a medical or becoming pregnant, can place your career as a cabin crew on hold. I am very happy to be in this particular stage of getting to know her, and I do look forward to the next stage as we continue. I have developed very strong feelings for her in a very short time because of our conversations. I am hoping for the best in this relationship with her.

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Trust me, us flight attendants have heard every pick-up line in the book, and a few that haven’t been written down yet. They are always meeting new passengers so it’s no surprise that they have so many funny, interesting and bizarre stories to share. Generally, flight attendants march to a different beat from the rest of us. There will be conversations like, “I have a flight in the morning, sorry I can’t make it…” or “I’m sorry, I’ll be out of town on a 3-day trip, maybe next time”. Cabin crew will have to put the lights on at certain times during the flight so guests could get woken up without an eye mask.


Not only do flight attendants have to stay sober on the job (thank goodness!), but some aren’t allowed to imbibe until they’ve changed clothes. JetBlue, for instance, doesn’t let employees drink alcohol while wearing their company ID or any other part of their uniform. They also can’t drink within eight hours of flying.

People are loving Kat Kamalani’s TikTok, where she shares what it’s like to be a flight attendant. I believe in better always and try to stay positive. Flight attendants wouldn’t last long on their job without strong people skills. Those skills are sure to enhance a dating relationship. If you’ve always wanted to see the world, a flight attendant will make an excellent travel buddy and tour guide.

We support traditional dating and are there to help you meet flight attendants seeking new relationships. But, before you take the plunge and try air dating, you should know what to expect out of this relationship. For starters, understand that a stewardess will always hold all of the cards, as she needs to work around her schedule to meet you. Do not expect your relationship to last if you do not understand the nature of her work.

On board a larger aircraft, pursers assist the chief purser in managing the cabin. I’m not saying it will be all rainbows and butterflies, because when we come home from a trip, especially a three or four day with all-nighters, redeyes, and day-overs, we are going to be extremely irritable and cranky. And at that point, it is probably best to give us some space, as we definitely need our “fourteen hours legal rest.” However, given an appropriate amount of sleep and food, we should be back up and running, eventually. So while a relationship with a flight attendant is hard, like I said, a relationship with anyone who works is hard. If you want something easy, find some one who doesn’t work. Work envy is real when dating a flight attendant.

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So if you’re up for the challenge, my advice would be to go for it. The advice is easy to type, but much less easy in practise. You’ve been working a stressful 9-5 all week, and the one Saturday of the month I’ve got off, all I want to do is sleep. It takes an understanding partner, and has been the cause of many crew breakups. Known as landing day blues, when flight attendants come back from a trip, they may not be in the best frame of mind for socialising or dating.

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Maybe not running out and meeting someone right away was not a bad idea as it gave some time to get to know someone. Although, if I was about to be catfished this would have been a huge waste of time. This can put pressure on the relationship and drain the happiness from it. In conclusion, I believe all the above are things worthy of consideration before you make that move to date a flight attendant. Like a beauty pageant, one undergoes rigorous screening before being admitted to a flight attendant training institute. Some of the requirements are her physical features such as skin tone, weight, height, and neatness.

Once up in the air, flight attendants will usually serve drinks and/or food to passengers using an airline service trolley. When not performing customer service duties, flight attendants must periodically conduct cabin checks and listen for any unusual noises or situations. Checks must say hi dating also be done on the lavatory to ensure the smoke detector hasn’t been disabled or destroyed and to restock supplies as needed. Regular cockpit checks must be done to ensure the health and safety of the pilot. They must also respond to call lights dealing with special requests.

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