Signs A Leo Man Is Falling In Love With You

If you know your Leo man is honest to a fault, then only play hard to get if you have tried everything else to get him to come back to you. Leo man likes to be the limelight therefore apart from keeping fit most of the time they have a taste for dressing in the best way possible for the right occasion. Leo wants to look good mainly when he is in front of famous people or when near the opposite sex. It’s hard to distinguish Leo just by looking at his face. Often he may have an oval looking head with large penetrative eyes.

However, the rest of their relationship won’t be as successful. They will both want to set the rules, so they will fight for dominance. They will never want to let the other person take the lead. They will get into constant arguments and won’t want to let the other person win.

He is like a cool cat and is open to talking about anything under the sun. He may not seem interested in what you are saying, but best believe, he is listening. He hears you even if it looks like he is not paying attention. After he falls in love, a Leo male is kind and warm. This is a magical transformation from a vicious predator into a lovely purring cat.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Gemini, Libra, and Aries are fantastic matches for our Aquarius king. Your Sagittarian man is both the fearless adventurer and the jaded critic , and has no problem believing and acting like the world is his playground . Watch how they use their relationship with you as a mechanism for self-improvement.

But he wishes you to be open about everything you do, always! He will understand your priorities, like your career, family, etc. But this demands you to patiently tell him about it.

These two fire signs may feed off each others’ optimistic energy, and they will be up for trying out new experiences and taking risks together. When you’re dating a Leo, everything is expensive and classy. The best wine available, the most beautiful flowers.

Top 9 Signs a Leo Man Likes You

If you’ve met a Leo, keep in mind that all the other planets have a say in his nature. For example, your Leo man might have an earth sign moon , making him crave stability in his emotional life. Look also to Venus and Mars for clues to his complex nature. Above all, never let what you’ve heard about Leos keep you from taking a chance and getting to know who someone really is.

They won’t let anyone hurt their friends or family. They will always try to go to bat for the people they love the most, even if it means putting themselves in harm’s way. I’ve been going out with my Leo man for 4.5 years. We met at university and from the beginning there was this instant magnetism. In the beginning we were inseparable constantly going places together especially different countries. He’s broke up with me a couple times then immediately rings me up after telling me how hasty he’s been and that he loves me.

If our friendship is over for good this time, I still wish her the very best & ultimately just want her to have much happiness even if it doesn’t include me. I still believe in her & the goodness of her heart. The proud Leo man regards himself to be above others and pushes to show this. To uphold such an image and be told the same by others increases his pride and add to his generous nature. He has royal taste in every aspect of life and he maintains his decorum with all his power.

What Body Type does a Leo Man Like?

Leo has a generosity, an enthusiastic and expansive way of doing things, capable of attracting any woman. He has, in fact, a natural courtesy and great diplomacy when dealing with women. A Leo man has his likes and dislikes, hence to conquer his may not be that easy. According to the stars, the primary relationship is with the Aries woman and with the Sagittarius womanbecause they possess the same passion and pleasure for life.

Ways to Impress a Leo Man

Loyalty is one of the most important virtues for a Leo man, and he would like the love of his dreams to be a loyal partner to him. Once he is in love with a person, he will make it very obvious by showing off his partner to his friends and introducing them to friends and family. You may also see his pic with his beloved on Instagram or social media because he does not believe in hiding his relationship, and he will flaunt it openly.

He showers her with affection, gifts and many romantic dates. To continue a relationship as deep as this one Leo woman has to sacrifice her higher income, her better benefits or her superior qualities over her Leo man. The lion is the king of the jungle, and it is the same with the Leo man as well. To summarize this man’s traits is fairly simple. He is one who is known for his striking personality.